28 July 2014

Gone Camping Part 1 - Camper Tour

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My husband and I purchased our very first camper this summer. It's something we've wanted ever since we first got married, but for some reason, never bought. I grew up camping in campers and motor homes (or is that considered "glamping"?), and he camped in tents. I had no desire to camp in a tent, and he had his reservations about an RV, because that wasn't "roughing it". Anyway, we knew where we wanted to purchase our new toy, so we set out on a 2.5 hour trip to Mandan, ND with the intent to buy.   We chose a brand new 2015 Jayco 24' travel trailer.   
We got it home and realized, wow, this thing has really limited storage space without having to lift up a bed or rip apart the seats at the table. The sink is outside the bathroom, and the bathroom itself is teeny tiny. We only have 2 drawers in the kitchen, although there is a "blank" space where a 3rd could be. I would've preferred a slide-out, just for the extra room since we have a 5-year-old and 2 labs, but our budget wouldn't allow for that. All that aside, I truly do love this thing, and it has already brought us so much fun! We've been modifying it as we go, to make the most out of the small space. I decided to give you all a tour of our little home away from home and in my next post I will tell you about the modifications we've done so far. 

This was our very first weekend camping.
Do you camp? Do you prefer an RV or a tent?

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24 July 2014

My First-Ever Jewelry In Candles Ring Reveal - Apple Harvest Tart

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I'm pretty excited to show you this video today! As a new Jewelry In Candles, or "JIC" rep, it's my first-ever ring reveal! This is from an Apple Harvest tart, and it smells sooooo good! It's crazy how good this tart smells! With JIC you can choose your own jewelry from a ring (choose from sizes 6-9), necklace, or earrings. I chose a ring in my size. JIC also has men's jewelry! In this video I'll show you how the whole process works for how you get to the jewelry! Enjoy! :)
Here are a couple photos of the ring also. I just LOVE it!! It's beautiful! I had bad lighting, so I apologize for the quality.  I also apparently forgot to paint my fingernails! LOL! For more information on Jewelry In Candles, shoot me an email, comment here, or visit my Online Store.

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14 June 2014

Influenster GoVoxBox Summary

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So I've been talking about the Influenster GoVoxBox quite a bit. You may be wondering what Influenster is. Well it's an awesome company that sends out complimentary products to select people that meet certain criteria to test and review! I've been lucky enough to get quite a few of these bad boys!!

 These are the products that I received in my GoVoxBox.

I have tested them and posted reviews, but I'm going to give you a short summary of my thoughts on them.
PROFOOT TRIAD ORTHOTIC: These felt GREAT! I wore them in my shoes and now in my cowboy boots and they offer so much support and comfort! I am so surprised at the value of these things for the price! They are so inexpensive and just amazing! They are clinically proven to relieve knee, leg, and back pain.
PROFOOT PEDI-ROCK: This little dude is pretty cool. It's a foot file in the shape of a rock and ergonomically fits in the palm of your hand and the silicon carbide crystals file away rough patches and calluses. You can use it wet or dry, and all you have to do is rinse it and air dry it before the next use.
BLUE DIAMOND FRUIT FLAVORED ALMONDS: One word - YUM! Mine were blueberry flavored and Oh-So-Good! I didn't share them. I need to try the Strawberry and Raspberry flavors as well! These are loaded with antioxidant Vitamin E. Just amazing. I'd never had anything like this before.
MULLER FRUTUP: I redeemed the coupon I was sent for a free Luscious Lemon frutUp. It was lowfat yogurt with whipped fruit (lemon in this case) mousse on top. I mixed it all up because I didn't like the taste of the yogurt by itself. It was SO good! I had it as a snack and it filled me up til dinner was ready.
AQUA SPA RELAX COLLECTION BATH SOAK: I received the Lavender + Chamomile bath soak. It smells so good! Definitely relaxing. I had never heard of this company before, and am anxious to try out other products of theirs.
VITAMIN SHOPPE NEXT STEP WEIGHT MANAGEMENT: I received 3 samples of shakes - Swiss Chocolate, French Vanilla, and Fresh Berries, plus a shaker cup to mix everything up in. Taste is fantastic! They left no aftertaste. I definitely recommend the shaker cup so you can mix everything up really well. I used them as a meal replacement/snack. I found they are more filling with milk than water. This is a product I would buy. 
Well, there you have it. A summary of my GoVoxBox from Influenster! I absolutely LOVE this company, and I love them even more when they send me food! Haha! Definitely check them out if you haven't, and let me know if you need an invitation to join!

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