31 July 2013

Diamond Candles - Will I Find a $5,000 Ring Inside?

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I received a Diamond Candle yesterday to review on my blog! I'm so stoked about this! It's a 21 oz. soy wax jar candle that has a ring inside! What girl doesn't absolutely LOVE candles and jewelry?! Every candle has a ring inside, valued at at least $10! I'm not joking! There is a ring in every candle valued at $10, $100, $1,000, or $5,000!! Yes, five thousand dollars! Now do you see why I'm stoked? You can see what rings others have received {HERE}, or check out the company's Facebook Page and see the pictures being posted.
The gold foil circle is the ring!
If you've never heard of Diamond Candles, you can visit their web site to read more about them, or you can watch this short video.
The company was started in January 2011 in Durham, North Carolina and by the end of their first year, they were processing 10,000 candle orders a month! You won't find these candles in stores, though. They can only be ordered online at diamondcandles.com.  
Here are my first thoughts on my Diamond Candle, in Cupcake.
So I will be burning my Diamond Candle over the next few days, patiently waiting to get that ring out! You'll want to stay tuned for the reveal because I will also be giving a Diamond Candle away to a lucky reader, so you'll definitely want to enter the giveaway for that! 
I'll be posting updates on my Facebook Page, Twitter, and Instagram, and you can follow me on all 3! Cross your fingers I get an awesome ring!  


  1. I keep hearing about these and wanting to get one!! Fingers crossed you get a gorgeous ring!!

  2. Hi Staci! Thanks for positive and exciting review! We can't wait to see your ring reveal! :)


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